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About Lia

Lia is a licensed cosmetologist since 2003 and Licensed Esthetician since 2001. Her background is in clinical skin care treatments, hair removal and clean beauty.  Skin Logic offers a variety of services with a focus on maintaining the integrity of the skin; including hair removal options for sensitive skin and clinical skin treatments with a focus on skin sensitivities, while also using sustainable practices in the workplace. 

In our practice, Educating clients on how the skin works is a priority as encourages them to take care of it at home, which increases the results of their facial treatment. You will love the way your skin looks and feels after your facial at Skin Logic! Lia's growing passion for helping people improve their skin has driven her to seek out the latest and most effective treatments, and study nutrition and other holistic practices that she could incorporate into her business. Her personal struggle with acne as a teen has inspired her to help young men and women clear their skin, and make sense out of skincare, and guide them in the right direction in such a large market where there are an overwhelming amount of products to purchase. She believes her personal connection to acne struggles has given her the exceptional ability to guide people through their transitional acne periods and provide unparalleled results. In 2016 She opened Skin Logic, providing beauty therapies to the town of Petaluma and the outer lying areas. In 2019 she launched her first skincare product "Gentle Grains' Which is a sustainable skincare product with natural ingredients to exfoliate the skin and body. Now in 2020, She has launched her second product "Pumpkin Mask" and will continue to create more natural skincare products. 

My Philosophy...

The skin is the body's largest organ with many functions and capabilities. It's ability to absorb and to excrete are the most common functions we work with here in the treatment room. Anything we put in our body will be excreted through the skin, and everything we apply topically will be absorbed. Having a deeper understanding of what we put inside our bodies, and what we topically introduce onto the skin, will tell us a lot about our most common skin concernsI like to treat the skin in how our concerns relate to inflammation. When we target inflammation form the inside and out - as opposed to "drying out" zits, or over exfoliating and entire surface to treat one problem, we can easier treat the ROOT of our skin concerns  and get a deeper, longer lasting result with better knowledge of our our body's work and out habits come into play.