1hr  |   $ 200-250

If you are looking to accelerate your results, Hydradermabrasion is an deep microdermabrasion treatment that incorporates diamond microdermabrasion, serum infusion, vacuum extractions and oxygen therapy to provide exceptional skin smoothing and detoxifying effects. This treatment is clinical, and does it all. The diamond tip uses serums to nourish, and provide a smooth glide across sensitive skin. Our extractions our far more effective than a traditional extractor and less painful. Oxygen therapy kills bacteria, and improves cell respiration providing and even, plump fresh skin tone. treat deep acne scarring, pigment, clogged pores and aging. Concludes with a cooling rose quartz facial massage.


This is a warm and fragrant

re-texturing facial! Pumpkin has natural enzymes that smooth and exfoliate the skin. This cozy facial includes skin analysis, deep cleanse, warming exfoliation treatment, customized mask with a cooling rose quartz facial massage and scalp massage.

45min    |    $100.00

Advanced Peel

This peel provides deep exfoliation for sensitive skin. Gentle acids brightens dull skin, and aids in penetration of anti-aging products. It's a spicy treatment that removes the outer layer of dead cells, resulting in a more youthful, balanced skin type. Concludes with a cooling rose quartz facial massage.

45min     |   $120.00



An all inclusive results oriented facial. This luxury treatment includes microdermabrasion of the face, neck and chest, extractions, neck and shoulder massage, lymph drainage massage, Cooling Rose Quartz Facial Massage, following with your choice of a peel, or the ultimate firming mask and LED red light therapy. 


90min  |    $ 225

Real clients, real results. At Skin Logi


This facial focuses on maximum hydration and plumping dehydrated skin. This soothing facial delivers a cooling effect with colloidal oatmeal and our signature cooling rose quartz massage.

45.min   |     $100.00


45min   |   $130



Brighten, and Smooth dull looking skin with diamond microdermabrasion. For skin that has a rough surface texture or lacks vibrancy, the deep exfoliation benefits of this treatment is exactly what you're looking for! Includes a cooling rose quartz facial massage. No peeling, or downtime. 


Acne can happen at all ages, for many different reasons. This treatment includes a thorough skin analysis, deep cleanse, detox pore treatment with extractions, customized mask, cooling rose quartz facial massage and scalp massage. 

45min | $100.00


30min   |  $75.00

A refreshing treatment for those on the go! This mini facial will perk up your skin before a last minute event, or even on your lunch break! Steam, light extractions, exfoliation, Customized mask with a cooling rose quartz facial massage massage, scalp massage, serums and moisturizer. 


Adding on to your facial will accelerate your results, target more specific concerns and create a completely tailored experience



Cooling oxygen with serums airbrushed onto the skin. Its our most relaxing add on and turns any facial into a luxury treatment. We pour a customized serum into our airbrush gun, and the O2 delivers it deep into the skin. This treatment soothes redness, heals acne, evens pigmentation, and plumps fine lines and wrinkles. 



If you need to rapidly heal your skin from acne, pigmentation, and texture, this is the instant gratification you're looking for, Peels lighten, brighten and tighten the skin. they reduce the appearance of pores and texture.so for extra smoothing and brightening, this is an add on  for you!

Vacuum Extractions


Painless and effective! extractions are painful and blackheads are stubborn. Our vacuum circulates water, salysilic acid, and suction through a wand to gently remove ALL blackheads effortlessly.