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Brazilian Sugaring 

20min    |   $80

Brazilian Sugaring is traditionally the "all bare" option, and reduces the likelihood of ingrown hairs. Recommended frequency is every 3-4 weeks. 



The standard bikini removes only the hair that is exposed outside your bikini line. 

Standard Bikini 

15min    |     $55

Brow Sugar

15min   |   $30



Shaping the eyebrows with sugar is a good choice for those who have had reactions to wax, or are on skincare that causes sensitivity. 




Remove unwanted nostril hair with this gentle technique.

10min   |   $15

Full Face Sugaring

Exfoliate your skin and remove your fuzz. This is a forehead to neck treatment that Includes brow shaping and trim. Also, to soothe and protect the skin, we include a customized serum with facial massage. Add a detoxifying face mask to clean your pores for $15.00

45min   |   $65

Upper/ Lower Arm 



Sugaring exfoliates your skin, while removing hair for a smooth long lasting results

30 min   |   $60

Extended Bikini

Extended bikini gives you options. Leave a little here, leave a little there. Talk to your service provider. 

15min    |    $65

Lip Sugar 

Gentle lip sugaring removes unwanted hair for the most sensitive skin

10min     |   $12


Underarm sugaring is great for skin sensitivities and ingrowns. Your hair will thin out, and become soft. No more stubble!

15min   |     $25

Chin Sugar 



Sugaring removes unwanted chin hair on even to most sensitive skin types

10min   |    $15

Full Leg Sugar 

A full leg sugaring not only removes and thins your hair, but it exfoliates your skin leaving the smoothest long lasting result. Hot towels and aromatic oils will leave your legs feeling pampered.

1hr 15min | $110

Sides of Face



Sugaring removes unwanted facial hair on even the most sensitive skin types.

10min   |  $20



For men and women. Back hair comes in all forms , and the cost depends on density and surface area. Talk to your service provider for exact pricing. Pricing typically decreases with regularity. 


Full Arm



From the fingers to the shoulder, The full arm will remove hair and exfoliate your entire arms. 

35min   |   $60

Upper/Lower Legs

45min   |   $60



Remove hair from the upper or the lower legs, feet and toes! wearing short skirts? opt for the Full Leg!


15 min   |   $25



More than just between the cheeks. Your entire booty will be hair free and glowing.

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